LAtest developements

Free WIFI on Buses

All our buses has Free WIFI, ensuring that you can be connected at all times.

Dont know how to connect?

Follow the steps below,

1. Open your network settings on your device.

2. Go to WIFI, available networks will be displayed to you.

3. Connect to AlgoabusFreeWifi

4. Once connected you will be automatically directed to a page with a LOGIN button.

5. Select LOGIN

6. A few advertising pages will pop up and a option to skip at the end of the adverts - You may select skip.

7. Once you have seleted skip - You are now connected.

Please see images  for some guidance...


CCTV on Buses

our very latest developement is CCTV Cameras in all our buses to ensure that your safety is taken into consideration.

We have a team that monitors these cameras ensuring that our drivers obey the rules of the road and your journey with us is a pleasant one.

Typical snapshot below of the view our team has on the bus aswell as infront of the bus.

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