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Road transportation of people and communities has and always will be an integral part of any country’s working and social life. Algoa Bus Company provides that service for the Nelson Mandela Metropole area with service provided from four operating depots.The Company plays a significant role in meeting basic needs as well as building the economy of the region. 

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When there is a danger, a good leader takes the front line.  But when there is celebration, a good leader stays in the back room.

If you want the co-operation of human beings around you, make them feel that they are important.                                                                                              Nelson Mandela


NB   Good leadership is relationally driven.  That is only possible when people respect and value one another as important.  It is impossible to relate well with those you don’t respect.  When respect lessens in a relationship, the relationship diminishes.  You can care for people without leading them, but you cannot lead them effectively without caring for them.  As a leader, you can lift the value bar in your area.  You just have to make the decision to do it.  You need to let the people know that they matter, that you see them as individual, human beings, not just workers.

This attitude makes a positive impact on people, and it strengthens your leadership.

When the crunch comes, people cling to those they know they can trust – those who are not detached, but involved.                                                                     James Stockdale


The path to leadership growth requires that one stops trying to impress others to maintain their position and starts developing trust to maintain their relationship.  If you have integrity with people, you develop trust.  The more trust you develop, the stronger the relationship becomes.  The better the relationship, the greater the potential for a leader to gain permission to lead.  It’s a building process that takes time, energy, and intentionality.  In times of difficulty, relationships are a shelter.  In times of opportunity, they are a launching pad.  Trust is required for people to feel safe enough to create, share, question, attempt, and risk.  Without it, leadership is weak and teamwork is impossible.

Our Mission

Algoa Bus Company strives for excellence in providing a safe, reliable, comfortable and affordable service to the communities and market it serves. The Company supports professional and ethical business principles and practices that will ensure the growth of the business and the security and well being of its employees and stakeholders.

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